My roommates asked my bf why he's with me?

i rarely see my roommates cuz i like to be alone when im at home (my bf and i live together in a room) and he told me today that while he was hanging out with them they said that they never see me and asked why he's with me. why would they ask that? are they saying im ugly?

my roommates are guys

please someone answer


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  • That's not much to go on. Did they put the two things together? Like they never see you, and why is he with you? Maybe they wondered why he was with someone who was never there? But that's really grabbing at straws because there just isn't enough to go on. It really could be anything.

    It's probably best to just let it go and not worry about, unless you find out more. If you confront them about it, that could just stir things up when you really have no idea how they meant it.

    • i see my bf all the time, they dont see me because i dont hang out with them when im at home. im always in my room

    • Could be anything then. I just don't think you can conclude anything if that's all you know.

      Maybe make an effort to get to know them better. You're sharing a place with them, it doesn't hurt to get to know them a little just for politeness sake.

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  • Maybe they were just wondering why he was with you. Nothing to worry about. Try not to over think it.

    • i hope so...but at the same time if they meant it in a mean way then i want to confront them. but if they didn't then i will look dumb

    • Talk to your boyfriend. Ask him if they meant it in a bad or neutral way when they said that.

  • Who gives a shit what some fags have to say? Kick them out or move, now you know what kind of roommates they are.

    • i just dont understand why they would have a problem with me

    • im always polite when i do see them

    • Time to be a bitch now. Show em wtf is up in da house!

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