Should I brake up with my girlfriend?

So I have been dating this girl online and we have Skype a lot for the past 3 months and we have been dating close to two months and it's also a long distance relationship. However for the past days I think she has been ignoring my messages but she says she's been busy with other stuff, and she was never like this before even when she was busy as hell she would still Skype with me. I feel like she's not interested anymore. Should I brake up with her or am I over reacting and should I wait longer

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  • just wait it out. I've been in a long distance relationship and we would bicker about that same thing "are you just busy or dont want to talk", when in reality its both! you need the other interactions and experiences away from each other for it to become a functioning relationship to eventually become a face to face one. Be present while being absent until the time to mesh comes along.


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  • Long distance relationships rarely ever work.

  • Long distance relationship are dumb in my opinion

  • It's an online relationship, you've never met this girl. It's not real do it doesn't matter if you 'break up' or not


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  • Break up with her and go back to school

    • I am in school I'm in university

    • "I am in school I'm in university" ... clearly not.