My parents will have to drive me and my date to prom!

So im the new kid in school and i moved states. my license isn't valid now because of it. I got a prom date and paid for both of our tickets. I can't afford a limo and I kinda think limos are really corny now because everyone is getting one. My options are having my parent drive us or try to ride with a friend in one of their limos or truck. What should I do? Do you think my date will be mad?


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  • your license isn't valid? in most cases you have a grace period of a few months to switch your license before it's an issue.

    but if you can't sort that out, I'd try to find a friend you can hitch a ride with


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  • It might be nice if you had another couple you Both could ride with to the prom with. Try and find a friend who has a Car, if possible. And might I even suggest a Cab even...
    Have fun...xx


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