What's going on in his mind? I'm curious...?

I met a guy on a dating site, I live in South America, he in Europe. We've been e-mailing for over 3 months, and Skyped twice. He pretty much said that he is looking to settle down and isn't going to waist time. Through our conversations he has asked my opinion on subjects like destiny, miracles, love, relationships, parenthood, etc. He has asked if I would ever live in another country and by now we somehow started talking about trips we could do together...In no way we have talked about actually becoming an item, the only slight approach was that it's important to actually meet in person to see if the chemistry is there.
BUT in his e-mails he kind of mentioned one day he went out to a club with friends and spent a couple of hours talking with a girl, and now he mentioned how on his dancing class a girl told him she liked dancing with him because he doesn't try to constantly correct her and after class they went for ice-cream.
I'm curious...he seems serious about getting to know me, so why does he mention meeting and spending a bit of time with other girls?

I want to clarify we're not teenagers, I'm 24 he's 30, and I've tried to make it clear that I'm interested in him (in a subtle way). I'm just curious, since I don't know his feeling for me for sure, why does he bring this up?


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  • It could be an attempt on his part to make you jealous or to get somewhat of an emotional response from you. By analyzing your response, he can more accurately determine if you are as into him as he is with you.

    Now, to be fair, by asking you to share your philosophical views, etcetera, one can reasonably conclude that they guy expressed a high level of interest in getting to know you further.

    However, since there is no mention in your post of you expressing similar interest in him, you know, asking him equally important questions and such, I'm assuming he has become ambiguous about the whole thing.

    I'm assuming, at this point, he is really into you and thus he fears being rejected by you, which is why he is resorting to immature tests and games.

    Reciprocating more on your part should give him the clarity he seeks.


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