Those females who comment on how cute/amazing/lovely autistic "kids" are. What do you think about autistic adults? And, would you date one?

I'm always curious about this. When a girl says something like that, it's nice and I love her attitude, but I find myself thinking "Right, but would you feel the same way about them if they were a teen/adult? Or would you think they were creepy or a freak?"

I get the feeling that some of the girls who make those comments might have a bit of double standards goin' on.. I'm thinkin' of one or two I know personally. I mean, there were these two quite ditzy girls at college and they saw a 'mentally handicapped' male adult student fall over badly, I think he was autistic. They were asking him if he was okay while others helped him up, they didn't help him up. And they walked away commenting on how cute he is.. and I'm thinkin'.. if he was neuro-typical you probably wouldn't think he was cute, or alternatively if he had a crush on you you might think he was creepy or call him a perv simply because of his lack of social skills being detrimental to his dealing with his crush.


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  • People said that on your last question because you specifically asked about aborting autistic babies... so why would anyone mention adults in that thread? I also further explained that the autistic person I mentioned in my answer IS an adult. No I do not think adult autistics are "creepy" or "freaks." I really don't view them any differently than anyone else. They may have more issues socializing or communicating but I'm a very patient person so I wouldn't judge anyone for that, autistic or not.

    • She just judges people based on looks like everybody else ;o)

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    • Of course, I understand. I think that's just because a lot of people haven't been around many autistic adults (that they know of) so it's probably just a subconscious thing and they don't even realize that they're leaving out adults when they talk about it.

      A lot of people also don't realize that there is a wide range on the autism spectrum and many people would be considered autistic who don't show the stereotypical traits of it.

    • Actually now I think about it, autism is being diagnosed much more often much earlier these days.. and so maybe it's a case of that there are just so many undiagnosed adults.. so nobody even knows they're autistic. Meanwhile there are diagnosed kids aplenty.

      I know there have been many adults diagnosed in recent years. I attend two different AS Social Groups, and they are largely made up of people old enough to be my parents who were only diagnosed in the last few years actually.

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  • I would date someone who was autistic, I've had a couple crushes on people who I later learned where autistic and it didn't change my opinion on them at all, you shouldn't look at someone's handicap and say that you wouldn't date them because of it, the handicap doesn't always make the person who they are.

  • It depends on where they are social wise.. Because a lot of TRUE autism cases, they don't have a need for socializing

    • Not all, but many.

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    • Well there's not actually such thing as normal, or normal is relative to each individual at least. I'm not normal. But that's okay, no one is.. really.

      Anyway, well.. I don't really understand how aspergers could be an autistic spectrum disorder then suddenly it's off the spectrum.. as if the spectrum is a train that various 'labels' just ride on temporarily until they're ready to not be on the spectrum anymore.

      I think I heard something about how.. well I'm from the UK and maybe you're not so maybe it's different to our relative locations. But, I heard something about how in the UK I think aspergers had been declassified as an autistic spectrum disorder. But aspergers is still the same thing it ever was, it has not changed and it is still an autistic spectrum disorder. The declassification is.. well it's kind of a con.. or a cop out. It's politically motivated and has something to do with the government not wanting the burden of having to support people with aspergers.

    • As far as I know, the government were mandated to provide people on the autistic spectrum with reasonable support, and that included people with aspergers. The government didn't regard people with aspergers as needing such extensive support so they declassified aspergers, even though it is in fact an autistic spectrum disorder. It's because people with aspergers are 'high functioning' meaning that while many of them do actually tend to require support up to a significantly older age than neuro-typicals, they are able to function at a high level in comparison to low functioning autistics/severe autistics. I get the idea it's all to do with cut backs. I may have gotten a fair bit of this wrong, my friend with aspergers knows the details much better than me as she is an active campaigner.

      Basically, aspergers is an autistic spectrum disorder, but it has been declassified as such by the government because that is more convenient for them.

  • I don't think autistic kids are cute. I feel
    Bad for the kids as well as the adults


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