Is this message desperate: I can't sleep annnd nobody is on..keep me company yo...or you can log off.

So basically my friend convinced me to message my crush. At this point I'm just wanting to know him as a person and friend rather than going straight into a romantic relationship. For some reason he kept logging in and out of fb. I sent a message but then he logged off and most likely he went to bed. The relationship we have right now is pretty close friends so it wouldn't be weird if I messaged him just to talk. We were really close over spring break to the point I thought that there were signs of flirtation over messaging and also we went to the movies in which he asked me to go and he paid for my ticket! My friend decided to step in and ask him about me in which he said I was just thought of as a friend..from that point he asked my friend if I liked him-she said a straight out no and said I was confused with the situation where he bought my movie ticket (so in his mind I do NOT like him) In addition to my question I wanted to know if it is possible that he used to like me and maybe gave up because of what my friend said? Right now it is the next day from the time I sent this message (basically i sent this message last night) Sorry this description is all over the place but I am really worried about this..


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  • So the answer to all of your questions is yes. Sorry.

    • I actually ask people in my life and they said it was not...I've been really worried about this and decided to take it to get an online opinion, so thanks for responding! I want to know when I see him in person, what should I say? Most likely I'm going to act normal unless he brings it up...But keeping this all in mind he is the most OBLIVIOUS person ever...I hinted so many signs before that I liked him annnd he disregarded all of them..

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    • Thanks for responding and giving your opinions..I have come to the realization that this is a relation ship that most likely will not happen.. Its just unfortunate that I'm gonna have to see him for 2 more years..I think we will just be better off as friends, and hopefully he won't suspect anything :)

    • I think that is for the best.

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