I have developed feelings for a guy online. Has anyone else done this, and did you meet?

First off I want to say that yes it's really him. We skype/FaceTime and we know details your friends would know in real life, like address and phone number. We are just two people who met online and became friends.

I've fallen for him, and he's expressed feelings for me like saying he wishes I could be with him right then, wishes we could do this or that together.

We have looked up flights and things like that.

Thing is, neither of us are the type to hop on a plane and be spontaneous. And technically, only I have the money to afford to do this.

It's just scary, and I think we should meet as friends anyway. And if that's the case, I really can't imagine when I'd be feeling like booking a flight to where he lives.

It just got me wondering, even though we video chat and text every day, I KNOW we don't truly know eachother. Haven't seen eachother interact with others. There's just stuff you won't know until you know them in person, and I understand a lot can be imagined in your head.

Has anyone here met someone online like this, that you'd been talking to for a while? We've known eachother a year now just about.

I compare it to typical online dating, but you'd probably exchange messages for a week or two before meeting. And I know many times it doesn't work out. But after talking for so long, I wonder if it would?

We both agree we are so much alike. We can talk about anything. I love his honesty (topics difficult to discuss for a man).

Just want to hear from others. It's really frustrating to have these feelings and can't do much about it, and being so cautious.


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  • I met someone online about 4 weeks by pure chance. I wasn't looking to meet anyone, and she wasn't really looking either. We texted, talked on the phone. Found out we have almost everything in common - interests, education, values, personality, desires.

    We took a chance and explored the option of getting to know each other...simply by pure chance. With no expectations, other than maybe becoming friends or acquaintances.

    I never met anyone face to face that I'd come in contact with online. Never thought I would. Our first date 2 weeks after initial contact was the best date either one of us had ever had. We've never been more comfortable with anyone else in our lives. We can be ourselves, talk about anything, joke about anything. In a phrase - we get each other. And yes, we got each other.

    We took that chance... We've seen each other only 3 times, but talk and text constantly. We can't keep our minds off each other. When together we can't keep our hands and lips off one another. Neither one of us has EVER been happier or felt so good about a relationship.. I'm 53, she's 49.

    When things are right we just know it. Sometimes we have to take a chance, step out of our comfort zones, to find what we're looking for. Sometime we find it when we're least expecting it. Sometimes we find it when we climb aboard a plane and embark on a venture. Sometimes ventures can reward us with great things...like lives filled with the sharing of love and happiness. Good luck to you...on your decision and wherever it may take you!!

  • Been there, done that, will never do again unless she's close by.

    • Tell me more when you have the chance, if you feel like it. Just that it is unfulfilling? Did you meet?

    • It feels very real, but it's unfulfilling. It's too much of a pain in the ass to do it with anyone not in your same city at least. No, never met. I've done this lots of times lol.

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