He doesn't want me to leave but I don't know what that means?

So, I have been liking this customer that comes into my job for about a year now.
He comes in almost everyday, really nice, friendly, and we've actually gotten pretty close during that time. We chat when he comes in,
If we have similar breaks I join him and his coworkers for lunch sometimes, and he's even given me a ride home a couple of times.

So maybe about a half a year ago, I finally got the courage to ask him out for a drink. Which he instantly responded "Yes" but then we never got to have the drink because he has a girlfriend.
Of course I thought he was single because of the flirting, and him agreeing to go to have drinks with me.

Anyway, deleted his number because I'm not that person. He still comes in and we still talk, I do still really like him but.. I am in the process of looking for other work.

I told him that, he shook his head no and told me me that he wasn't happy about but If I needed anything to ask him.

He checked in a couple days ago see if I was leaving anytime soon, so I said I maybe, I will be at my job just less because of possible opportunities that are opening for me.
He's replies "Okay, just don't go too far"..

My problem is I like him, I really do and I think he likes me, but I tried months ago to ask him out.
Honestly I am not going to stay at my job for a 10 minute interaction.
I don't know if he still has a girlfriend because he doesn't talk about her if he does.

It seems like he doesn't want me to leave but I just don't know what that means...
What should I do, do I say something?

Thanks for reading.


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  • This guy seems sneaky or something. There's likely more stuff about him that you do not know (nor would ever think of) that you'd figure out if you actually decided to date him.

    Since he made no mentioning of having a girlfriend while making consistent attempts to flirt with you, he's probably after lots of girls' attention. I don't think he's spending this kind of time just with you. He's probably has many girls feeling the same way about him that you do.

    I wouldn't focus on maintaining any relationship you have with this guy at work. Do not put any emphasis on this when deciding where to work; it should make absolutely 0% impact. And lastly, you have to overcome these feelings for this guy. Again, he probably knows you feel this way about him, and he just likes the attention. I doubt he actually feels the same way about you.

    • True, in his defense I was/am more of the "agressor" lol

      Thanks for your help!

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  • 1. you give him your current contact 411 and promise to update this should you change jobs
    2. ask for his contact 411 in order to forward such data
    3. ask him to update you on any openings in his work area?

    you've planted the seeds


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  • Do nothing. He had his chance. He didn't take it and you don't need to hurt his gf when she did nothing wrong. If he was dating you how would you feel if he was flirting with some girl at work and got her number. He's definitely playing some sort of games.

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