What are your dating "standards" based on?

OK so people constantly talk about having "standards" in dating. What are your standards based on? Name specific things and how heavily they impact your dating decisions.


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  • A lot of factors that don't all necessarily have to be present. The biggest ones being a guy who is faithful, honest and trustworthy. Anything less than that would be a guy "below" my standards. Being attractive to me and treating me well are also biggies and pretty non-negotiable.

    Other standards (FOR ME) that *don't* all necessarily have to be present: Has goals and ambitions, legally employed, no children, non-drug user/non-alcoholic, and not a previous or current womanizer.

    Like I said, the top things are extremely important and impact my dating decisions heavily. The bottom things are important, but I could deal with one or two not being present. If a guy had all of those things or most of them, I would hesitate to be involve because it's so opposite of my lifestyle.


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  • 1. ***Attractive - if I'm not attracted to him it just won't work out
    2. *Kind heart - if he's nice to only a select people then he's not nice at all
    3. *Not awkward - if he can't be comfortable in silence w/me then it won't work out
    4. *Funny - he has to be able to make me laugh or it will not work
    5. *Mentally Healthy - I say this because I'm unstable so unstable + unstable = 2 suicides
    6. *Has an opinion - he's not a yes man
    7. *Mature - I'm pretty mature for my age so if he's not then it it won't work
    8. *Intelligent - I won't date someone who isn't, he'll just hold me back
    9. *Will say NO to me - If he doesn't then he's not my boyfriend, he's my bitch
    10. *Truthful - isn't afraid to tell me how he feels, I want truth no matter how much it hurts
    11. *Not easily offended - I tend to joke a lot so if he can't handle it then buh-bye
    12. *Likable - I'm very social and likable so if he's not well... it won't work
    13. *Cuddly - He. Must. CUDDLE. I love giving/receiving hugs
    14. *Animals - if he can't appreciate them then he can't appreciate me
    15. *LOVE OUTDOORS - if he's always on the computer or phone - hell nah
    16. *Adventurous - has to like exploring new things with me (not in the bedroom)
    17. Sense of style - He's got to have at least some or else I'll just want to change him
    18. Tall - (sorry shorties) at least 5'10 ~ exception is if I like him a lot and he's shorter
    19. *Passionate - about me and his dreams and goals and topics
    20. Body - not too muscly, usually skinny or lean *(sorry but can't be fat)
    21. Hair - preferably long (not like ponytail long, but like swoopish hair long)
    22. *My best friend - I want to be friends before we date or else we probably won't last

    There are always exceptions to every rule but that's what I usually like. He doesn't have to have all of them but the starred ones are what I definitely prefer.

    • Lol wow I sure hope not all girls have these standards. I'll be single forever

    • I don't kid when I tell people that girls on dating sites do really narrow guys down to their hair styles.

    • Well I personally don't think that there is anything wrong with what I listed. I'm sure a lot of girls share my thoughts but didn't take the time to list them. I think everything I put is ok and should already be instilled in some men. I don't think what I'm asking is bad or too high standard, half of these things is probably more of a preference then a need and I will defend that. Everyone always like to say people are shallow for who they like but I don't think it's shallow, it's just your preference. I did add that there are always exceptions to every rule. This is just something to base off what I like. The person who voted down on me doesn't understand when I said starred and unstarred are definitely preferred. And dating site with hair styles? WTF. So guys can like a girl with long hair or short hair only but a girl can't do the same? I'm so sick of ignorant people.

  • For me:
    -healthy/enjoys being active
    -eats healthy (I don't want someone bad habits rubbing off on me).
    - smart/ college educated
    - motivated and passionate about his goals
    - good sense of humor
    - is a fan of Always Sunny in Philadelphia (and if not, just be willing to watch it with me hahah)
    - hockey fan

    Some are generic and some are weird I don't know just what I'm looking for.

  • At my age my standards are probably different then younger women. First off at our age he should have a steady/decent job a vehicle and a place to live without roommates. There are personal things like I want someone who believes in and loves God, they don't have to be perfect, but need to at least try. And the rest is attraction. And of course personality. I can be attracted to less then a 10 for sure--there really isn't a set type I am attracted to.

  • Just confidence i think. Confidence is a big turn on for me. It comes with charisma and specially i like almost all the basketball players

  • confident, genuinely kind, attractive, motivated

  • I hope I'm not the only one, but going through a phase where I won't even consider a guy at first unless he has amazing tattoos, good hair and a genuine smile.
    Its a shallow phase. :')

  • Looks and integrity. Very hard to find both in one person but they heavily impact my decisions. He has to have both of those for me to consider him.


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  • I don't really have "standards", I just date people I'm attracted to. But I'd expect:
    -not bitchy
    -not a drama queen
    -can hold a conversation
    -not materialistic
    -good morals
    -gives as much as she takes
    -not easily offended
    -good sense of humour

  • My standards are based on what this place sets up so it's usually some girl who has emotional issues who I will dump after about 4 days because it's too hard.

  • My standards are based on what is easily available in my home city, which is elite hot. Anything that deviates from that high standard means reduced chance of anything meaningful.

  • Just a nice girl who's attractive