"I'll give you a call"

Seems to be the phrase that drives many girls crazy after meeting a guy they like...


is it really a big deal if a guy doesn't call you the next day?

is there some rule that someone must call you within a certain time...?

I actually watched that one chick flick "he's just not that into you" it was actually funny ..how girl make thing more complicated than they really are..


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  • I don't really set a time limit that a guy has to call me, because there are just so many reasons why he couldn't be calling. I tend to not take it too personally if he ends up calling me later that week, and I actually prefer it that way. I had a funny situation happen to me last week with the whole number thing. Some guy gave me his phone number, and never asked for my number. I couldn't tell if that met he didn't really like me, or was just trying to put the responsibility on me. Well, his friend told my best friend that he was actually really upset I didn't give him a call. Haha...so I guess you could say I have been in your shoes.


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  • There's no rule but girls do think a lot. So basically if they go out with a guy they really like and he says I'll call you, the time from that point on until he calls the girl is usually her thinking about it which usually leads to her thinking "is there something wrong with me?" Girls tend to think a lot haha. I think that if a guy can't call a girl then he could text her telling her he's busy and that he'll call when he can, that just seems like the more gentlemen thing to do in my opinion.

    • . ya my girlfriend now tells me that when I first started talking to her.. she'd just doubt me when I said I'd call her back.. and when I called her back she'd be so surprised that I did.. LOL

  • Yeah if you don't call girls will think about it a lot.


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