What does he want after months of no communication?

I used to text this guy but we just stopped texting each other one day and drifted apart I guess. Out of the blue, he text me even though we hadn't spoken for several months. Basically the conversation went like how you been blah, blah, blah. And then I asked him why he went Mia on me and he said he thought I went mia on him and I was like I didn't, I was just waiting for you to text me but I figured you was busy so I left you alone. And then he was like I was busy but you can text me anything ;). What I really want to know is what kept him busy all those months and what does he want now? To be honest, I was surprised that he still had my number because I deleted his a long time ago.


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  • 3 possibilities:

    1) Help with his homework
    2) Sex
    3) Answers 1 & 2

    • Well he not getting 2

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