Did I make things awkward by telling him I thought I was bugging him?

We talk too much in text. We both I guess misunderstood the other.

I think perhaps he's talking to another girl... And he gave me the cold shoulder, so I brought this up that I felt I am bugging him.

He said no of course not. Then I let him be for a few days and he messaged me today just moving on from it, which I was happy he didn't dismiss me as a friend. He said he was worried he was rude, and I said no I just felt like you were trying to give me a hint or something that I was bugging you. (I know I wasn't, it's just that I do wonder if he's talking to someone else like he used to with me).

I also said that's why I don't like text. Which is what we mainly do.

He hasn't said a word since then, now I feel like I made it awkward. I hate texting.

And although I don't see how I truly could have been bugging him... He never said that I wasn't. :-/


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  • Nope, good you got it off your chest but you know deep down you have lot of feelings for him:)))


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  • You should ask him to meet in person. Quickly. So you could talk this with each other without having any misunderstanding again.

    • We probably won't get together for a while, he's out of state now

    • You still need to talk about that in person. That's the most important part.

      While he's not around you should use skype, or at least call each other on the phone, but I would say you should stay away from texting by all means. This way you two can survive the amount of time he spends away and set up a meeting. :)

  • no, it's ok to ask your man that

    • We are friends but have gotten close, I just had to express it but worry I shouldn't have reiterated it