Old feelings are getting in the way.?

Ok, so I've met a new girl and we've been been going on dates and stuff. She's a really awesome person, one of those that never seems to let anything get to them. She's always smiling. I want to keep going in the direction we're going, but there is one huge road bump. I met my best friend about two years ago, and started to form a hardcore crush on her. I didn't know what to do at the time, and I wound up placing both of us in the friend-zone. This crush went on for about a year until it eventually started to fizzle out. Flash forward to the past few weeks. I've been around this new girl a lot, and my best friend knows about her and is really happy about what is going on, but every once in a while those feelings for my friend start to resurface. I start to feel like I'm making a mistake by being around the new girl, but I know that there is a zero percent chance of my friend and I dating. We've had conversations about relationships, and she's said time and time again that it would be too awkward if two friends started dating. What my mind is telling me and what my heart is feeling are two completely different things, and it's tearing me apart. I don't know what I need to do, but my heart won't let me. I don't want these old feelings to interfere with anything in the future.


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  • was there a question or just venting?

    • Sorry, a little bit of both. I just have no idea how to deal with this kind of situation, and was hoping for some advice. I know I should move on with this new girl, but these old feelings keep making me second guess myself. Like I said, I'm just looking for some advice.

    • You already know what you should do, because there is no future with your friend

    • Look, it doesn't hurt to try to ask her how you feel. You need to be a man and Be Honest. If it turns out she doesn't have feelings for you, the best way to forget someone is through meditation of clearing your mind, distracting yourself by doing other productive work, and blocking her from every connection possible. I know this is tough to completely delete someone out of your life, but with all honesty, you are just doing YOURSELF a favor by helping yourself from being negative.

  • Just be blunt to her (your crush) and tell her how you feel that you want to be more than just friends... if her heart doesn't feel the same way then you just gotta MOVE ON MAN. You just have to respect and accept that. Can't force love. After that tragic incident, I would advice that you clear all connections with her so that it will help you move on to a better life with a better relationship. Hope I helped!!


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