LIST 3 impressive dishes/food cooked by the opposite gender!!?

Hi :)

By the way, impressive doesn't necessarily mean difficult... but impressive in a way that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling like teddy bears.
LOL okay please list away :)

Thank you! :)


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  • I could only guess, since I have never gone out with a woman that could cook. At this point a woman that knows the difference between the timer and the smoke detector would be impressive. lol I think pretty much anything by scratch is going to be impressive.

    Pancakes made from scratch. They are super easy to make, but most people don't know how to do it.

    Pie crusts, bread, biscuits, etc. Any baked goods made by hand are impressive. Baking is a lot harder than cooking. All the ingredients have to be exactly perfect or it doesn't come out right. Baked goods made from scratch never fail to impress.

    Strawberry jam. It is really super easy, but it seems like something you would see a mom or grandmother do on an old TV show. You don't have to worry about canning the jam if you make small batches. Just use it before it goes bad.

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my only weak point when it comes to cooking is BAKING!! Okay I better start learning haha lol I can make pancakes from scratch though :D

    • Like I said it is a lot harder to bake than to cook. I am impressed you know how to make pancakes from scratch. Most people don't know how to cook anything that doesn't come out of a box or can.

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  • Anyone can cook, so this is an odd way to state this question, to be honest. I'm a fan of having any food cooked for me that I like... but nothing specific comes to mind at the moment, sorry about that.

    • Cool :) Have you dated girls who can cook before?

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    • aha that's sweet! :D I can cook dishes pretty well but the thing I can't do is BAKE!! I've never baked anything from scratch before except for cookies lol but I'm already 18 :O So I should learn soon haha

    • All you need is a good recipe and its execution :P

  • Pirogi (polish food)
    Lamb Chops

    Oh yeah!


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  • manicotti
    fresh bread
    my favorite dish :)

  • Stuffed shells or stuff peppers, Shrimp Hunan, Beef pot pie...

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