Anyone else feel that Mr Right is becoming harder and harder to find. Any success stories?

Does anyone else find it is really hard to find a truly genuine guy these days. I find you go out with a guy and he is really nice and then he just changes. He blames you for the reasons why he changes. So you try harder and harder to please him. Then when you feel exhausted and constantly frustrated you finally realise it was never you but his excuse for why he got bored and decided to put less effort in and cheat etc etc. Anyone have any success stories in dating or finding Mr Right. Seems he is a rare breed.


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  • Don't sweat it. It's as hard for a genuine guy to find a genuine girl as it is for a genuine girl to find a genuine guy.

    It's the easiest thing in the world for a guy to take the easy way out and only focus on sex, and it's the easiest thing in the world for a woman to say that all guys want is sex, and to give it them- making the act itself worth almost nothing.

    He is indeed a rare breed, as is a genuine, honest, true to herself woman.

    • I never claimed that all guys are like this. I haven't given up hope either. I just noticed that there seems to be a growth in sociopath/ narcisstic men in society making it hard to find anyone decent. And yes there are women who aren't genuine as well but I think it is a vicious cycle with people. A good girl becomes a bitch when an asshole screws her heart. and a good guy becomes an asshole when a bitch screws with his heart. It is like the cycle is becoming unstoppable and consuming more and more people.

    • My heart was ripped to shreds when I was younger, and continues to be stomped on. But I am man enough to know that not all women are vicious, unfeeling animals. Strong women own up and realize that they made a mistake with the guy who hurt them, and realizes that not all men are the same. Yes, there is pain, but you have to realize your part in it, too. It is all too easy to convince yourself that it was "all" them. But you had a hand in it, too. That's what separates the genuine women from the weak ones. And the genuine men from the easy (And weak) ones. They pick themselves up and keep their hearts open, even if it means more hurt in the future. A closed heart is death.

  • When you're around a guy, watch how he treats other people (waitresses, store clerks, cab drivers, etc.). I think too often girls focus on how a guy is treating her. If you want to find a good guy, find a guy who is decent to other people, not just you.


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