Girls she said I was too "female" how can I change and maybe get her back?

I'm a a guy who likes to do stuff around the house cause my moma taught me from early on. I can basically do anything, cook, bake, laundry, clean, garden. It might be funny cause I'm 6'4 but yeah...

I'm still strong and love to do manly stuff like chop down trees and change tires; sports.

I also play the piano. So one night I cooked for my girl and played her a song. She broke up with me cause she said she couldn't handle me behaving like a girl.

I was hit pretty hard cause I was basically just picking up slack round the house.

So I'm wondering if you gals might have some tips on how to be more manly and appealing to her cause I can't live w/out her:(


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  • She is probably too young to appreciate that stuff right now, but when she matures it will be exactly the thing she is lacking or looking for. Happens all the time... I've been dating mostly older women partly for this reason. I get along with them more and they are more appreciative of that type of stuff. Trek on. Don't feel emasculated, that is how a real man does treat his lady, she just doesn't realize it yet.


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  • Wow, she doesn't realize how lucky she is. You don't need to change, she just needs to grow up.

  • Personally, I do not really think that makes you a "girl." Show her your mainly side. Treat her like a gentleman.


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  • Buddy, man to man, I'd ditch her. Every chick I've ever met would get with a guy like you in a second... why limit yourself to someone who'll miss you when you're gone?

    • Ur right but I miss her so much

    • You always do, till the next one comes along! remember the wise words of snoop... I treat a bitch like 7-Up I never have I never will.

    • Haha

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