Do you prefer women to be straight forward or mysterious?

Everyone tells me something else. If you listen to women's magazines they all tell you to be mysterious, don't give in to easily, keep things to yourself, don't come across as too eager...

A lot of it seems counter intuitive to me. I've always told people what I think (within reason of course) and that includes men I hope to date
But then I'm terrible at dating so I'm thinking maybe that IS the wrong approach?

One article I read recently said that edward for for bella because he couldn't read her thoughts
So guys do you find women who are more mysterious and secretive to be more desirable and make you more likely to pursue relationships with them?


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  • Straight forward. Don't go by an article that mentions a movie. It's a MOVIE!!

    • well it was a metaphor, to illustrate her point

    • well mysterious sounds like hard to get. Us guys hate games. So that's why I say straightforward all the way

    • ok, well hasn't worked for me so far. But maybe someday

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  • Straight forward but you don't have to tell me everything at once. Keeping some aspects a mystery for a little bit can be fun.

    I personally generally let girls figure the more private stuff out over time while being quite up front about my interests , likes , dislikes etc.

  • Straight forward, but reserved, if that makes sense.

    The reason so many books and articles advise differently is because they are written by women, who are secretly trying to horde all the menz for themselves. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

    • lol well if you say so. They write bestslling books though.

      Ya it does make sense, kinda. I'm just really confused about what guys like

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    • I don't watch that show, but I get the point. Still somehow not working for me.

      Like I went out with this one guy and by the end of the date he asked to do it again. By the time I got home he even texted me that. And a few days later I asked when he wanted to meet again, because I don't really like making plans last minute and he even said he liked my being straight forward, but then never called again. Was that wrong?

    • No, that doesn't sound wrong at all. Even if he didn't want to see you again, the polite thing to do would be to let you know that. And if he did want to see you again, he even could've just said "Let me get back to you on that."

      It's sounds like it's not you, it's him.

  • Straight forward please for the love of God. Guys like straight forward girls. Only women like the mystery thing

  • straight forward

    • why do so many books and articles advise differently then?

  • Straight forward. Hands down.

    • why do so many books and articles advise differently then?

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