How to break a 'thing' off with someone when you don't actually want to?

I'm in University and at the start of this year I met this guy, we had both just been in serious relationships so agreed to keep it casual. So since January I have had this casual 'thing' with him and it's been great, a bit up and down but overall enjoyable. Recently he's been asking what I would do if he ever said let's be boyfriend/girlfriend, to this I laugh because there's no way in hell he's being serious. After this he started to say 'love you' again I laughed and dismissed it. I know he's not being serious because when we've been drunk I told him to stop saying these silly things, he laughed and said OK. Now even more recently he's been speaking to his ex girlfriend again 'as friends', which I wouldn't have a problem with because I kept in touch with my ex boyfriend, but they message constantly, when he spends the night with me he ignores her when she asks to Skype or call one another. I just feel as though there's more to it and I've also seen messages to another girl in uni he used to speak to whilst seeing me, initiating a night in together making food etc. Like no, I'm not sticking around for this now. Even though I like him a lot and do have strong feelings I need to break it off and then move on, but how do I do this? Will I hate the outcome and regret it if says OK? I need advice...


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  • MAYBE he really does want to date you seriously. Most guys don't say things like that without meaning them, testing to see how you'd react.