Girl was into me, then I turned her off, how to fix?

Met this girl and we've been "dating" for 2 weeks now. We were absolutely fantastic, until a couple misunderstandings which snowballed into arguments

Now she has a negative image of me, and now went from "wanting to date", to "friends for now" to "Friends"

Believe me when I say she was absolutely hooked onto me when we first met, and it seems I turned her off majorly as she got angry with me about some arguments

Anyway how do I fix this? yeah i'm in the "friendzone"... but not the "bad" kind imo. the "bad" one is where a girl meets you and just isint attracted to you

this one WAS attracted to me but lost it, i'm sure she can regain interest in time right?

Anyway how do i fix this? and what are some things to say to get the ball rolling?

Thank you

  • Keep talking to her, ask about dating later
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  • ask up front about dating now
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I suppose it was us getting into arguments that turned her off, and she viewed some of my actions as immature. but i did tell her "well i might be a bit immature but it won't last forever" and she agreed with me on that


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  • Well she is clearly into mature guys and you don't fit that bill. If you want to be in her good books you need to start show her that u can be mature.

    • it obviously wasn't 100% cause of my maturity level. but anyway what are some good ways to show i'm mature? and to get past this argument-negative image thing of me? like i said she's angry with me cause of some arguments which turned her off dating me, not just maturity

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    • I gotcha, 2 things

      1: how long should i wait before popping the question?

      2: what are some easy, obvious, ways i can show i'm mature? i know you can't "Fake" maturity, but i rather her have some belief that i'm mature

    • 1. When you feel like she is responding positively. Flirt a little, NOT THE OVER TOP STUFF! just keep it fun and casual. If she responds well to those you might be game, so go for the kill then.

      2. Lol just don't let your emotions et the better of you. Calm down before you open your mouth lol and remember to be polite and courteous.

      But, seriously why are you arguing after 2 weeks lol this is the stage where you laugh like your intestines would come out your ass lol

  • whatd you do to turn her off?


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