I am the main initiator and he is not?

Is it bad that I, majority of the time, always initiate first to the guy I like? He always responds back usually pretty fast. And sometimes when we are texting he'll just call me and we'll talk for a few hours. But we don't have many phone calls. It is like if I do not reach out to him, I don't know if he will or lately it'll be a few weeks if he decides to. (We have been talking for 8 months never met due to distance and other related issues.)

I don't know I don't really have an issue reaching out to him first, but it would be nice for him to reach me first from time to time :(. He use to, but slowly he seems not to be doing that unless I contacted him. I guess he is not interested?

What do you guys think?


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  • just ask him. Sometimes it can be a personality thing honestly. But ask him.

    • I think so too. He has been like this since day one. How would you go about asking him though without sounding like a clinger?

    • Umm, good question, there is no easy answer at first. But when you really think about it, you just have to straight up ask him, let the emotion off your chest so you dont have to wonder anymore. Worse thing he can do is say he isn't interested and then you are free to move on. But it could just be a personality thing.

    • I'm going to give him a call this weekend maybe and talk with him about stuff. He's confusing to me. But I would feel a lot better just telling him striaght how I feel and see what he says. Thankss I hope its' a personality thing I really like this guy...

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  • Sorry, but I don't think he is THAT interested. Maybe he has someone else but he isn't behaving like someone who cares that much in general.

    • Could be right. It sucks. I might have a talk with him see where his head is at.

  • I think he found someone closer.