What should I wear on my very first date?

I'll be having my first date on the 31st and we're planning to go on a casual date at the arcade. I'm thinking what should I wear to make me more feminine but still have that edginess. I'm not the all girly type of girl, I play sport but not tomboy either not so into romantic stuff, but my date he's a total opposite of me, he likes all feminine girly type of girl he even requested me to wear dress. F*** that's so not me. I want to incorporate some of his requested style of being feminine and such without sacrificing my preferable style.


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  • Usually my go-to outfit for first dates is nice jeans and a cute form-fitting sweater. More like a cardigan, I guess. I feel like that's a little girly, but not too much. Maybe you could wear skinny jeans with combat boots? That to me combines your style and his idea of what style you should have. Maybe a nice scarf could dress it up a little more? And lip gloss or something?