What are good ways to get guys to notice me as girlfriend material?

I feel like I have a lot of qualities that guys like in a girlfriend..

Things like good listener, compassionate, loyal, feminine, etc.

I have done some approaching for guys I'm into, but for some reason guys don't really reciprocate/seem interested.

I don't chase the guy down or anything. I just initiate talking to him and listen to what he has to say and add to the conversation, of course.

I'm just not really sure what else I could be doing. The guys I like don't really notice me..

What can I do to get a guy to notice me as a potential girlfriend or develop some interest?

I understand I can't force it if the guy isn't the right one, but I'm just asking!


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  • My straight forward opinion.
    Just wear a complete attire that doesn't show your tight boobs and ass. Don't walk in bikini on beach. This will show nice guys that you care for your body and not like any other random promiscuous attention craving girl. Don't have sex with a guy with in a month you date
    I know it's difficult in western culture. But this is primary line of physical display of being a gf material.
    Then have talk with a guy you like. You can initiate. But afterwards don' t be easy. Be talkative without having sex.Avoid going to night out for drinks so that you don't have sex.
    Avoid all the opinion stated above if you were thinking of sex.


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  • "The guys I like don't really notice me."

    What kind of guys do you like? Different kinds of guys notice different kinds of girls.

    • I like intellectual/nerdy guys. I like mature guys also. I really like it when I can have a deep conversation with someone, especially a guy I'm interested in.

      I'm a little shy but not so shy where I don't know how to talk to people or approach guys. I consider myself to be nerdy as well. My friends describe me as "cute", "innocent", and "sweet"

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    • Hmm. I've always been a little skeptical of the whole online chatting thing; you're investing time into someone that you'd probably be able to decide if you have a chance with or not within five seconds of meeting him. I think I'd limit chatting to a few emails to establish a date with him.

    • okay! thanks for your feedback

  • Dress conservatevly, in moderation, have class, smile and be friendly, last don't use cusswords as a mean of communication don't use them.

  • doesn't it suck how the ones we like dont like us back and the ones we dont like, like us back?

    • It really does. The guys that hit on me are just not guys I'm interested in. The guys who I'm crazy about just don't reciprocate :/ it sucks!

    • doesn't that suck (notice the sarcasm in my voice?)

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