To the Guys: would you go for a girl and feel like you have a chance at a girl that is more successful than you and makes more money than you?

Or would you feel like she is out of your league.

She makes 4x your salary.
Her job is 10x cooler.
Her education is 10x better.

Girls, vice versa, would you date a guy that is less successful than you?


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  • I happen to have liked a few guys I had worked with but I was doing more than they were and I think it had more of an impact on them than it did me... guys don't want to date women where they don't feel on top. It's not that women care about stuff like this, men are the ones who tend to make it a big deal. I think it's silly.

    • so you are saying men will be intimidated?

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    • so do you think a super successful women be harder to find a husband?

    • I think so... I think that most guys are competitive and that has no place in a relationship really. It should be a team, and nobody should care how they win, as long as together they still win. But lots of guys have an ego thing where if the girl is doing better, their ego honestly can't handle it. They'll faster date the girl who's an airhead so they can feel more manly.

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  • I would...but I'd prefer a guy to be on my level or more successful.


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  • Yeah, I have done that in the past and I banged extra hard and did some extra freaky things in bed to her to show her who's boss. lol

    • how that end up relationship wise?

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    • The same reason I like to pull their hair and choke them during sex - I love it and the girls who I do it to love it just as much, if not more.

    • It's very common for men who can't cut in the real world to be abusive with women. These men also fear other men and often avoid confrontations with men but they take it out their fears and inadequacies on women and children.