Would you go for a girl and believe you have a serious chance at a girl that is

Or would you feel like she is out of your league.more successful than you and makes more money than you?

She makes 4x your salary.
Her job is 10x cooler.
Her education is 10x better.

Girls, vice versa, would you date a guy that is less successful than you?


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  • yuck, i don't want a girl that is higher than me! she would always hold my neck and berate me.


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  • im at the beginning of my career, so any guy who is that much less successful than me is broke as fuck making minimum wage. so no I would not date him. he has to have something to bring to the table and has to either match or exceed me financially

    • yea...i agree. but did you read the details of my question? the guy makes 40k you make 100k.

  • Yeah. I wouldn't say she's out of your league. She just makes more money than you, has more education, and has a job that you think is cool.

    Do you like her? What do you like about her? Could you see her in the future? I feel like these questions only matter if you are dating seriously. If you are seriously dating, you probably will like her for who she is.

    If you are just casually dating or sex buddies, you don't need to worry about whether she has more money or education or has a cooler job. All that matters is someone to talk to and going to events where both can afford. And if it's sex buddies, you just have sex so it doesn't matter.


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