He asked me out on a date but never really talks to me?

So this guy... he's 19 im 17.

He lives in the city and I live like an hour away from the city..

Anyway we would always plan to hang out but we both end up being so busy, especially him he's always busy with his uni work/assignments and the same with me.

But when we get the chance to talk he is very nice and sweet :)

anyway, this Friday im seeing him. im travelling to the city, he said it's a date.

he told me "you know if you think its too late and unsafe to travel back by yourself then you can stay the night, only if you want to. im not forcing you :)"

and so i said, "maybe. ill think about it :) as it is also very dangerous haha"

it is actually very dangerous to where i live and where i get off plus i have to walk through like a bush thing to get to mine...

so do you think he's into me?
weve been talking for like 2 maybe 3 months now? we talk like once a week, sometimes twice. its just that he's very busy and so am i


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  • You know as well as I do that once you 'spend the nite,' things will most likely get hot and heavy if you allow them to. Yes...'also very dangerous,' no matter how you slice the cake, sweetie. I realize you're between a rock and a hard place. Be careful not to get---Ambushed besides having to 'walk through like a bush'...
    You are old enough to make your own decisions, but if you should decide, after a 'First date,' to accept his generous offer, stipulate that yes, it would probably be wise and...Is the couch comfortable?
    I can't promise you that if you'd change your mind to go from the couch to the bed, where it might take you. But being you don't really know him, only that 'he is very nice and sweet,' that he'd be back for a 'second date,' Or even 'second helpings' to the cake he could feel, in between being 'busy,'...he could have and eat it too.
    Good luck, and be safe all way round.xx

    • how do i get you to message me? it says it only allows messages from your followings only..and thanks for responding by the way :) i was just wondering if it was ok if i message you and ask further more questions...

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    • I'm still searching...perhaps it's in dating...

    • its in being single, womens behavior and love haha

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  • The man likes you.

  • Yes he likes you, and he wants to have sex with you.

  • Yes he is into you. He's also thinking of having some intimacy with you over the night. Whether you're open to it... up to you.


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