Crush: I need your help.. do you think he likes me?

SO me and my crush both like each other, but we are both taking it slow.. We both lives in two different countries but I travel to his country frequently due to having tons of family and friends in his area...

today is his bday and I sent him a bday message and he replied with

" Thanks my love, Can't wait to see you soon"

WHAT DO YOU guys and girls think this means?


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  • I'm guessing it means he's eager to see you.

    • i'm visiting in 2 weeks.. should I tell him. he wants me to tell him in advance to make sure he is in town what should i say...

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    • can you help me word the text message.. I don't want it to sound lame.. lol please don't think I'm weird i just really like him and he gives me butterflies in my stomach! :)

    • "I cannot wait to see you either [term of endearment (Sweety?)]! The days that I am available are ______ and I am so excited for this!"

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