Talk everyday, but no second date?

I met this guy in January and we've been talking everyday since. I wasn't ready to start dating at the time so we just really got to know each other first. I'm ready to start dating now and we had our first date last weekend. He kissed me and it was REALLY good (the feeling is mutual, at least that's what he told me, and he was the first to say so). Well it's been over a week and even though we still talk everyday, he hasn't asked me out on a second date yet. We've talked about going out again and he seemed really into it, but I'm really not seeing any effort on his part.

What's the deal? I don't want to seem needy or impatient or whatever, but how long is too long to wait for a second date? I just don't want to waste my time if this isn't going anywhere. I don't want to lose him, and as far as I know he's not seeing anyone else, but frankly I'm starting to feel like I'm turning into the girl he keeps on the back burner to keep his options open and I'm worth more than that. I'm beginning to feel we're headed down the path of him just keeping me around out of convenience or habit. Am I overreacting?



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  • You are overreacting. It has been only a week. Do me a favor and suggest a date to him because seeing as you're the eager one at least planting the seed by introducing the topic will get you further than coming here and telling us how impatient you are.

    • We have talked about going out again and when he brought it up a couple days ago I suggested an event that's going on tonight (something he's totally into). He responded with "maybe, we'll see." Anyway, thanks for giving it to me straight. I appreciate that.

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    • Good point. This one is daily (and he always initiates), past was not.

    • I figured. I can understand getting the jitters based on the past though so you're okay.

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