This guy is legitimately confusing, please help?

I met this guy and we hung out a handful of times. One of those times we fooled around, but I left when he wanted me to stay the night. Then I asked him to come to my place later on (this week), and to make a long story short he gave me this really long, drawn out, dramatic "no" because we'd end up having sex. (Yeah exactly. That's what I wanted.) He said I was attached but I don't get it because this was the first time I texted him in four days, and he's the one who was introducing me to all his friends and spending time talking to me, or if I ask him not to drink he'll b*tch about it and won't agree directly…but he won't do it. Is he into me or not, and if he is then why do guys tell the girl how attached she is when they're the ones behaving that way?

I condensed it a lot. If you have questions about filling in blanks or whatever I'm happy to answer them.


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  • I think he is sulking and playing a childish game with you because you would not spend the night with him and later told him not to drink. This behavior does not seem good for a future deeper relationship. Frankly, it seems like you each want to control the other, if I may say that without offense, which would portend increasing conflict as the relationship progressed.

    This guy says the two of your are not attached. Why don't you date someone more to your liking?


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