How to know if he is serious? I love him and he loves me. But he once says he is still open into other women. Should I still date him?

We were in dating online over a year in a casual conversation. We say's I love YOU's and he visited me in my country. We talk about being officially exclusive and everything turn into a right place. we have our webcam date twice a week. But when things gotten hectic, we didn't get to webcam for Iike 2 months, then he was saying not seeing me is hard for him and thinking how is this going to work. Though we exchanges messages through Facebook but we just don't have time for webcam. . Then later, he is saying he dont an exclusive relationship.
What do I have to do? Should I still date him? Or just let him go when I feels like that is want he wanted but he just being good to me. Right now we still use the things we were.


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  • You guys need to make time to skype. I know it's hard trust me. My best friend lives in The Netherlands. He is 7 hours ahead of me, but somehow we still manage to make time to do it, so I'm sure you and your boyfriend can too, you always make time for the ones you love. (:


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