Dating advice please need help?

So i just met this woman who has a bad rep! She just got out of jail for 2 years.Just got dumped and just lost her home.Now i met her and after 3 days we had sexbest sex I've ever had btw.We get along but apart of me says she plottin or something cuz things seem like she's controling everything and ima long for the ride if that makes since! I could see myself liking her and that scared the hell outa me! I HAVE CUSTODY of my son and I've been songle for 4 years am i trippin or what?

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  • Yeah just let this one go

  • personally i think you should avoid her to save both you and your son a lot of potential damage but its really up to you have a serious think about it i guess and consider all the possible outcomes especially the bad ones and i would be thinking about your son possibly becoming attached to her and then things not working out. hope you figure it out xx


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