Should I just be honest with him?

So I met this guy and we had this strong chemistry between us. We only hung out at party and such. And it was pretty obvious that he had a crush on me but I don't know why he didn't make a move. So I was brave enough to initiate and found out he moved out of state a couple days before i asked. So we haven't gone on dates. I guess i really try to keep in touch with him, but i find it so hard to. I don't know why, but he's hot and cold. Sometimes he shows his interest, and sometimes i don't even know if he likes me. He's weird. So I kinda keep it down low and just go with the flow. But now i can't deal with it anymore. I hate being in the gray areas and wonder this and that. Seriously, I'm driving myself insane with my own thoughts. I really like the guy. He's sweet, cute, and down to earth, but besides being attracted to each other, I don't think this thing between us is gonna work. Because first of all, I can't even communicate with him, how the hell am I gonna connect with him? So he's coming back this summer and I decided to just spill my guts out and be straightforward and honest with my feelings and opinions, so I could move on. Does this make me look like a lunatic?


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  • Chat? U said u know he had a crush on u? How come didn't ask for ur number..

    Trust me a man always finds the way to communicate, but only if he actually like u a lot

    • He actually gave me his number while way back before he moved. But still. Yeah that's how I feel. I feel like he just kept me as back up or side bitch.

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