What does it take for you to know someone? As a bf/gf?

I wanted to ask a girl out on a date, but she told me she don't really know me yet, so she declined and asked if we could hang out instead.

Which is curious, since we first met over 2 years ago, and over the last 2 months I thought we've gotten pretty close since we've been chatting nearly everyday.

So what exactly does it take to know someone before you feel comfortable going out with them? Are there certain milestones they have to clear before you let them into your heart?


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  • Years has nothing to do with it honestly. Just by spending time with them, and also out of their comfort zone you will be about to get to to know your other half. Years doesn't mean anything.. I know couples that has been together for years and boring as hell and still don't really know the person.

    It really has to do with the bond and connection you guys share with each other. can't put a timestamp on that


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  • That changes per person. Usually it's a random bit of information though and the criteria is quite fickle. For instance in order to be my GF you'd have to tell me about a problem and solve it and you'd have to show me promise and ability.


    • You mean like... showing how she solve her personal problems, and demonstrating resourcefulness and strength?