He keeps mentioning me having his babies but in the future should I take him serious?

My bf over a year now has mentioned to me twice something about having his babies once when we were 6 or 7 months into talking he said that my breast were going to be for his babies but I ignored him because at the time we werent stable with each other and now that 6 or 7 months has turned into a year and a month with us he mentioned it again

We were leaving out of my house to go and buy some groceries and I had mentioned to him that he wouldn't have to worry about me trying to use condoms that he had came into to try and get myself pregnant because he tends to take his condoms from my place instead of just throwing then in my trash and I think its crazy but anyways I told him I didn't want to have his babies of course I said it because I dont want to pressure him in anyway plus just in case he felt differently

Anyways I also said "besides I already know you dont want me to have your babies" and then he said "not yet" and I go"not yet?" As in whatr you talking about! And then he changed it to " well idk" and that was it

Should I take him serious? I actually do want to have his babies but he doesn't know that at all should I bring it up to him again and tell him? Should I be taking him serious? I mean what guy would comment something like that if he didn't want to go that far with me right?


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  • That sounds about right. My girlfriend and I started talking about kids around 4 or 5 months into our relationship, it is better to know what the others think of it just in case something happens but it doesn't mean rush into anything.

    first thing first you guys must communicate. If something is on your mind ask him. Let him know what bothers you and makes you happy. If you do want his babies; as you so amazingly said. Tell him! Let him know you do see a future with him after a year and a month is not a bad time to start thinking about things.

    good luck.


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  • I think he likes you and sees you potentially as the mother of his children down the road.

    that is the short and sweet of it.

    • Ok but you don't think I'm over thinking it at all? If you were with someone who you didn't see having your kids or couldn't see having them you wouldn't have said not yet implying a future right? You would've just ignored it right?

    • i think you are overthinking it a bit. I don't think that he doesn't see you having his children I just gather that he doesn't envision having children at this time in his life. but it sounds like he sees you as a potential future mother for his children

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  • He just told you he thinks you might empty his used condoms into your vagina to get yourself pregnant and he said not to bother because he takes his used one's home and you think that means he wants your babies and it's a good idea to tell him you want his babies? Wow

    • Umm did you not read what I just said? I alsosaid that he did say NOT YET!! Hello? And that also this isn't the first time he's mentioned it.

    • Ofc I read it but if he's saying he takes his condoms home because he thinks you're crazy enough to get yourself pregnant with then he obviously doesn't want kids and doesn't trust you

    • He doesn't take them all the time and I think your not understanding the question either my question is if he said "not yet" which implies later in the future should I be taking him serious? Since this is his 2nd time bringing up kids with me within the yr that weve been together I know he doesn't want kids right now with me he's always taken his condoms ever since weve met so its nothing strange to me but yes also left them on multiple occasions