First date coming up with a girl I met and kissed at a nightclub

Hi Girls and Guys,

I (early 20s) have got a first date coming up with a Girl (early 20s) I met and kissed at a Nightclub some time ago. Our whole encounter at the club only latest 5min and wasn't overly passionate, because apparently her friends where leaving and she had to go.

I decided to contact her and she agreed to meet for lunch.

My question is how in your view our prior encounter changes our relationship. I would of course not try to kiss her at the beginning of the date, but if it was going well I would maybe try to do so afterwards, maybe after holding her hand.

Would you say that I am in a more comfortable position be more forward because I kissed her at the club? Or would you say that this date is somehow damned in the first place?

Also I would maybe start a conversation about the night we met, but surely only about how she liked the club and avoid talking about the kissing. What are your thoughts on this?

The last time I met a girl I had kissed at a nightclub there was really no sparks at the date, but I got a better feeling about this one.


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  • I think you should go at it with the mindset that it is a first date and nothing happened before. Definitely don't try anything too soon, feel it out first, if she seems into you maybe kiss her at the end of the night, but don't rush things. Also, I think asking about how she liked the club you were at is a great idea, but you are right, don't bring up the kiss, she might get embarrassed. just act like nothing really happened so you guys are both comfortable... good luck!


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