Gave an Ex-Fwb a gift for her B-day?

I got her some high heels because she knows how much a I like a woman in heels. She seemed really happy and gave me dat silly i know why look and thanked me for the gift. All the other ladies smiled at me and started saying that's a real man right there this and that lmao and overall just made me feel hmmm duh chicks like shoes. Her bf didn't look too pleased tho he gave me that why you buying heels for her kinda look.

He doesn't know his girl and I used to be fwb's, and she told me not to ever bring it up. I plan on keeping my word.

Anyone still maintain a friendship with a married/engaged ex fwb?

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Fine I'll try cutting off communication with her, and back off. I know she's gonna wanna keep contact somehow.


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  • Dude it's nothing more than the boyfriend being a jealous dick. That's his problem and not yours.


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  • Well, I have a guy friend that I'm still friends with even though we fooled around once years ago. We're good friends, but not close enough that we give each other birthday gifts.

  • If you're good friends I suppose it's okay.

  • Lmao! You go! Got BF jealous!

  • I dont think you should have done that unless y'all are aside from just sex truly friends and if y'all are really frinds you shouldn't have done that infront of her bf that was disrespectful to him in a way I would think

    • How was that disrespectful? All he did was give his friend a gift nothing more. I'm pretty sure even if they weren't ex friends with benefits the boyfriend would still be a jealous twat.

  • No don't do it. You'll just asking for problems. Don't be friends with her

    • I already did, not asking if i should. Not a big deal. But yeah I spoke to her and told her its best to maintain a distance, she didn't take it too well.

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    • She doesn't want to hide me, she wants to hide our past.

    • Clearly you're the one who can't read.

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  • C show result.
    I've tried to keep in contact with ex girlfriends for a while but we generally loose contact with eachother.

  • she's got a boyfriend... that's just a dick move man. If you're buying a friends with benefits gifts, chances are you should have just asked to be together.

    • Just a bday gift bruh I don't see nothing wrong with that...she's da one keeping in touch, I'm not complaining.