Should I be worried about his lack of texting?

I met this guy online and so far we`ve been out twice. The second time we spent the whole day together and had a great time. We talked a lot and he was very affectionate, lots of kissing even in public too. My problem is he told me he's super busy the next two weeks with school work and his full time job. He`s mentioned a few times on our last date that he will want to see me again, and jokingly asked if Ì was wanting too also (kind of like he was needing reassurance) . He hasen`t texted me in three days. Should I be concerned that he`s not really interested or am I freaking out for nothing.

Thanks for the help I guess I am worried because of his lack of keeping communication other than to make plans. He told me the next few weeks would be crazy but we've only gone on two dates and I am worried it's just that he's not thy into me :(


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  • Don't freak out. He was honest with you about being really busy, so give him the benefit of the doubt that he really is. I'm just speaking personally, but I think the texting culture has gotten so out of whack that people get WAY to worked up over whether or not somebody texted them, or texted them back within a certain amount of time. He hasn't forgotten you. If he's in school AND has a full time job he has an awful lot on his plate. And I have no doubt he'd rather be spending time with you if he could.


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  • he said he will be busy. i think a simple hi how are you then go rest is ok but dont expect a full time chatter with you.


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