Is it okay to date more than one person?

So I've been talking to this one guy for a really long time, and we have a date on Wednesday. But then just recently, this guy I used to have the biggest crush on from afar just popped up, seeming interested in me. Why does it all happen at once, sooo annoying...I go months without anyone than it's all at once. Anyway, would it be okay to date them both until there is commitment with one of them or "the talk"?


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  • If you go on any longer dragging these two in your tangled web, you're gonna get into trouble, and may end up losing both of them. How would you feel if you caught the only guy you're dating going out with another girl? Worst, what would happen if one of the two guys you're dating caught you dating the other?

    You have to pick one. Which guy is more relationship material?

    My sister has been in your situation quite an amount of times, and I feel that she's being such a b!+(% for stringing guys along even though she has a boyfriend. Now she's single and she's still going out with different guys per day. One of her guy friends labeled her as a player.

    Do you want to be labelled as a player?

    I suggest you talk to one of them, tell them now is not the right time, and hold on to that one guy you chose to stay with.

    Faster put out the fire before it gets bigger.

    Good luck

    • Yeah, I think that is good advice. I think I like the one I've talked to for a long time more, but it's so weird that the other one just popped up out of absolutely nowhere (I used to think he was so cute and never ever did anything about it and he just reached out - I don't really know him at all). I don't think it's really good to date two at once, but this was just such a weird combination of circumstances for me.

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  • Nope, I don't think that's ok at all.

  • even tho you know that you wouldn't have any sexual relationships other people don't know.

    ppl are sh*t talkers.

    they spread rumers just to do harm.

  • no it isnt

    it makes you seem like a hoe

    • Well I wouldn't have sex or do anything other than casual kissing until I was in a committed relationship with one (or none haha) of them. I would just be getting to know both of them, unfortunately at the same time.