Do people cheat because they themselves have been cheated on?

For example I got cheated by my ex and I dumped him. I started saying I can't trust men. These thoughts came to my head since I was mad that I was going to play all the other guys I dated so I wouldn't feel hurt as much. That I was going to even become the other woman instead. It just seemed better since I didn't want to give myself again to have them stomp on my heart. After being with one of my first that cheated on me but was also controlling.
I dumped him and took about one year and half off dating. During that time I read and learned about all the games people play in the love scene.
I was ready for the next guy that tried pull that crap on me and turns out he did but I dumped him on the spot. I am more aware now than before about the signs and I'm a little more heartless because of it. I didn't even cry when I dumped him after being together for almost 4years. I did it over the phone and have never called him since. He called me, called my family and came by begging us to get back together.He was surprised about my reaction especially since he wanted marriage and children. Now I am single again and haven't thought the way I did. Yet I know that I have choices and because of what he did and can choose to do the same. Since I can get that mentality that I don't trust men anymore. The thing is I do believe there are still people that aren't this way.


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  • It's tough but this is how gender stereotyping starts by assuming "all men" or "all women" are like this. The guy's obviously full of crap saying he wants marriage and such since he's off with someone else. So it's easy to see right through the stuff. The thing is to just invest slowly into people you date. Nowadays people are trying to instantly commit without knowing each other after like 1-3 dates and stuff and moving in way too fast as well. People are dating with too specific intentions.

    Now honestly, don't start playing random men. One of them could potentially be that good guy that gets you away from these other guys. Plus, it means you're turning into the people who wronged you. You're basically saying that it's alright that they cheated on you since you're ok with cheating on other people.


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  • They cheat, bc they are insecure with themselves