What's up with girlfriend switching?

Hey, so my bf and my friend r girlfriend switching. Like I'm now my friends gf and his gf is now my bfs gf. Sorry if this is confusing, but don't worry I'm confused too. Does anyone get this? Cuz I'm quite confused...


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  • I hate to say this, but it's likely they're just using you, knowing you two are both gullible and overly-anxious to please them, to the point where you let yourselves be used by them as they please.

    The lack of self-esteem that you and your friend have to allow this to happen is extremely troubling, to say the least.


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  • Im sorry but what? I understand whats happening but im questioning two things:
    1 - the point in it
    2 - the motivation for either of you still being with them

    im guessing you're quite young and being boyfriend/girlfriend is a two-four week experience at the most, yes?

  • I hope this is just grade-school "boyfriends" you are talking about.


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