I like this girl and want to ask her out, HOWEVER I am wary of doing so because we are "CO-WORKERS"... should I do it, or not?

She is the President of a club on campus I am in, so no matter how it turns out I will be directly working with her over the next 8 year. She has shown obvious interest in the past (staring at me constantly, smiling, etc), but at first I was in a relationship, and now that I'm single I want to ask her out, but am not sure if I should - firstly because it could turn out awkward if she rejects me/if the relationship fails, and secondly because I'm not sure if she is still interested.

I'd be fine with waiting, getting to know her more, or asking her out closer to the end of the year, but I'm afraid that the "window" will close and I'll get friend-zoned.


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  • I'm not so certain this "window" even exists, but that's another debate altogether.

    I'm not a fan of dating coworkers. Most requests for a date end in rejection. Most first dates don't lead to second dates. Most second dates don't lead to relationships. Most relationships don't lead to marriage. Are you liking these odds?

    Very often there is awkwardness when dealing with someone who has rejected you or whom you have rejected. Even worse, often there is heartache.

    If you decide to ask her out, just understand the odds and what can happen.


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  • It's complicated