Single for 18 months and now anxious about it?

Hey guys. So I haven't been in a relationship for over 18 months. This is not the problem actually, because I usually don't panic or freak out when I'm by myself. Plus, I have a pretty busy life, I meet new people almost daily and I am really happy. Except that lately (like few weeks ago) I started feeling like I need a new kind of "happy". I mean my life is almost perfect, what I lack (or found out I lack) is affection, is someone I can be myself with but who is not a friend or a family member (I'm being a poet lol)
It isn't like I haven't met anyone at all in these 18 months but it was more like casual things where most of the time no feelings were involved.
So I'm really anxious to know if it's normal to feel so. I want to know if I'm overreacting. Any tip would help. I guess I just wanted to share this. Thanks in advance.


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  • My advice is:

    Don't let your need for affection cause you to rush into a relationship with someone you shouldn't. Although the feeling is uncomfortable, don't be hasty.


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  • Everyone whats to find that someone or someone they can be intimate with. Only you can make you happy. I hate it because all friends are in realtionship so half the time they hang out with them and not me so its good to have someone just make sure he or she's not a jerk

  • i know it´s hard but try not to think about it. its totally normal to feel the need for affection... but could it be that you lack a really good friend you can tell everything and who understands? a friend like this usually diminishes this feeling of emptiness.

    • You're right. But we all know that a friend can't really give all that a boyfriend can !

    • no its the feeling of being liked as opposed to being loved but it can get pretty can´t expect to not feel like you feel at the moment. its inevitable

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