What do you think about these signs? And how do I play on them?

My ex and I were sort of seeing each other but I was pushing things too fast and he pulled away.
We agreed to be friends - but we can never JUST be friends.
The other day (Tuesday) we went out for lunch. Before we left his house he cuddled me on the bed.
When we were leaving the restaurant he put his arms around me and kind of hugged me as we walked a few steps.
We got back to his house and cuddled on the bed again. He kissed me twice. We were talking about how everything means something when he did this, and it's been playing on my mind.

Wednesday, we joked around by text in the morning and i saw him later at uni but he didn't notice me so i messaged him. He was in a bad mood and really snappy so i let him be.

That night he went out. A friend of his (who was sober) was upset and asked him to come over, so he walked to their house in the cold and then they said they didn't want him to come over. He messaged me, really angry about this, i called him and he vented for a few minutes before going to bed.

I'm pretty sure that he has been messaging other girls occasionally. He has this thing about being wanted and so does this to feel confident. I'm not sure if he has slept with anyone else, he joked something about sleeping with 10 people, but that was clearly a joke so i'm not sure if he actually did sleep with anyone.

I really like him. We clearly have a connection but i have scared him and don't want to stuff it up. He clearly feels something to me, but it's nothing significant yet. What do i do to keep it casual and give him space but make sure i'm still on his mind?


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  • How about you dont do that. Just give him space, and do your own thing. Honestly if he likes you as more than friends he would figure a way to work things out in your relationship. He jokes around with you and acts normal around you because he is trying to make things not awkward. But honestly I think you are setting yourself up to get hurt because you are harping on this guy and he seems to be more interested in having as many girls around him as her can. Because it helps his feel confident. if he can't be confident in who he is then he needs to figure that out. Because he isn't going to do any favors trying be the white knight in shining armor for everyone.


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  • do act as if there is hope for to two to be back together..if that's what you really want