I like this guy and he likes me, but...?

I told him I like him and he said he obviously likes me too. But he always says he has a lot of friends who are girls, and that he talks to them, but I'm the one he talks the most. He texts me everyday almost all day, has call me and videocalled everyday for the past 2 weeks and we can be on the phone for 2/3 hours. He sometimes calls just to ask how I was doing. I don't know what to do, he's 31 and I'm 23, but he says he's in the time of his life were he's free and wants to keep working and doesn't want a relationship right now. I on the other hand am not ready for love, I'm scared shitless, so I told him that, and he said that nothing's gonna happen cause he knows how I feel, that I'm not ready and that he doesn't want to play games with me. But I'm not sure if it's true or what.

The other day he told me he had a game, so I went out with my friends, and I saw him with another girl, it didn't bother me to see him with another girl, but it did bother me that he said he was in another place even when I was seeing him almost next to me!. But later he saw me, came up to me and I just ignored him, then he left and called me, and saod he went back to talk to me but I had already left, and kept saying he felt like an idiot and that he was an idiot about lying to me, because we didn't need to lie to each other since we are just friends! he begged and explained me that it was just an old friend and that she went in her own car and he in his, and that maybe he lied because he was hiding something he's feeling but doesn't want to. I said okay, I just really hate lies.

And sometimes he's on whatapp but not talking to me, and sometimes ignores me, he told me he did that to keep me interested, but I told him there was no need since we are friends.

So what should I do? Is he a player? Should I go for it? HELP!


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  • Yes, he''s playing you, taking advantge of your inexperinece That's a big age gap you've got, for one thing.

    He wouldn't invest so much time if he really respected that you're not ready. And he senses your fear and thinks he can take advantage of that...

    Typical player tactics...lying that he 'respects' you and so forth..


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  • this is the kind of stereotypical douchebag guy, every woman rants about. maybe he will learn how to treat women eventually but untill then, he will hurt a lot of them.


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  • sounds like he is trying to be a player, move on