How do guys show they like/crush a girl?

Guys how do you show a girl your interested in them? I know a guy that makes a lot of eye contact, smile, talks to me, talks about me, teases me, invites me to things, texts me sentences with a ;), when calls talks for about 20 min, watches me, asks a lot of questions about me, compliments me a lot etc... Are they signs what you would all do?


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  • If I like a girl, it means it's hopeless to try and go for her, so I would show a complete lack of interest

    • Do you do that because you get to nervous around the girl?
      What about a guy that tries to make it obvious but never makes the move?

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    • extreme, direct flirting

    • What would extreme direct flirting be like? Eye contact doesn't always do, I'm learning :)
      Smiling? What else?

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