Why does he keep asking me out?

This guy is confusing me. We went on 3 dates. Since then, I've told him twice now that I don't want to continue dating, I'm not interested, I don't feel we have chemistry, I don't see him that way, etc. I've put it in every imaginable way that's nice and polite, but also pretty clear I think. There's no way you can mistake those words as something else, right? But he's still asking to hang out/go out together.

My friends are telling me that it's because I'm responding to his texts and still being nice/friendly to him. That's just the way I am, though. I don't usually ignore people. I don't give them cold shoulders when they don't deserve it. I'm upfront and say what I mean, but I'm not without tact, either. It sucks to be rejected (I've been there too) so I try to be considerate of that.

I guess I'm just at a loss now. Do I repeat once more, for the third time, that I'm not interested, etc? Should I not respond to his texts/calls anymore? Am I really not being clear enough? Is there something else I should be doing?

Let me know if you want more details. I've actually condensed this situation quite a bit.


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  • I've been there before and It was a Nightmare.

    I told him instantly that I was not interested. I told him several times per day that I was not interested but he wouldn't stop. I even forwarded the same messages to him that I had sent him before stating that I was not interested in him in 'that way'. The more he continued to ask the more frustrating it became. I even got a little meaner in my responses because I kept repeating myself to him but that didn't work either.

    I too kept responding to him because I really am not a mean person but I got to the point where it was too much. I couldn't make it anymore clearer that I was not interested and he couldn't make it any more clearer that he was not going to stop asking.

    I am not one to block and ignore people, But in this case, it was totally totallly necessary.

    • Thanks, I think you're right.

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  • he likes you

  • If he deserve it.do it well.if not you will get more headaches further.


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