My boyfriend stopped hanging out with me...

On Friday,he messaged me yesterday and today but we were hardly talking about anything and I was wondering {guys} does it mean anything?

like why he just stopped hanging out with me and not even making an effort to come over or even ask to come over?

He usually comes over everyday around 2.

So its not like him to not come over..

Is he cheating?


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  • OMG! CHill out.. let's not jump to conclusions so quick..

    he may just have wanted to have some space this weekend to hang with his boys or whatever maybe work or who knows..

    but I don't think his actions lead to "cheating".. I'm sure you'll hear from him soon and when you do see him ... simply ask why he hasn't called .. say you were worried or something.. don't attack him or anything..just be passive and I'm sure he'll have a good reason.

  • One or two days is nothing to get frustrated over. If this is done repeatedly, then it's time to start questioning what he's doing. Also if he's not going to spend time with you, he should call you beforehand and let you know. If he's doing that, then there's no problem.


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