Help me why did my girl do this?

This shy girl and I work together and see each other everyday. We've been back and forth up and down hot and cold for a year now. Forever we talked almost everyday and she didn't do his with anyone else. Sometimes I felt she liked my buddy too, but never saw them to like her and I do. I'd occasionally see her flip her hair and smile at him, there were a few times she did this blantantly in from if me and it make me jealous. Like she'd do it and watch me. I've def d tried to make her jealous by talking about other girls in front of her and I'm not sure if her flirting with his is directly related or not. So I went through a period where I was tired of thinking she may like him too and the little back and forth games we play so I ignored her for like 6 weeks. I could tell she was fairly upset because when I'd see her she'd act short with me. So one day my buddy tells me and a couple guys at lunch how it's really weird that everytime he leaves for lunch or To go home she's like following him out and it's really creeping him out. Like arriving at the same time. This is the stuff she kind if did with me at first. I was super jealous. I couldn't see this going on so wasn't sure if she was trying to make me jealous? I start talking to her again and she seemed to back off him. He tells me later how she just switched up her routine on him and it broke his heart lol. Why did she do this girls?


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  • she's weird

  • this is just too much and looks messy...i wouldn't even bother with this soap opera...start fresh with a new girl

    • Yea but what happened?

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