What are the traits/qualities that you are looking for in your future spouse? At what age do you start to really look seriously for this?

Question says it all. Then if you want answer the reverse of it. Are there certain qualities that would be a complete turn off to you?


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  • I don't look for qualities they just get found. For instance, I am talking with a girl, and after a few moments with her, I realise I like her, and the more time I spend with her, the more I am realising how much I am beginning to like her, and her qualities are just happening, I am not looking for them, they just express themselves to me and convince me even more that I really like this girl. So you don't look for certain qualities, you just begin to like the qualities they have because they attract you, they speak out to you, and you notice them, and every little detail about them you remember, so there's no real traits that you can have, they are always there, its just some people notice them, some don't, and the ones who do, are often the ones for you, x


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