Why does being let down by the person you've really liked never feel less of a kick in the face as the last?


I've had a big time thing for this guy I met a while ago. We arranged to meet again but he made excuses and never showed up, I kinda new he was trouble so it was my own fault really. But you know when you give someone a chance because you so badly want to believe that this person is decent and nice, and then You have little daydreams about that person lol and suddenly you think wow I really like them, then..boom, there a dick. And it never feels less shitty than the last time. But we keep trying to find them.

I know people say to never put to much hope or interest in someone which I believe to be true, but If I didn't feel enough to put any hope or interest in them - I wouldn't bother perusing it.

I felt so happy about this one guy, so happy, then it pretty much turned out he was after one thing. And I just feel like a dick. Now it's going through the whole forgetting him and putting him In the douche category,
Why are we so mean to each other & play these pathetic games?



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  • You made this guy to be someone he wasn't, which is why you continue to give chances, hoping they will eventually become that guy you want them to be, which is why it hurts so much when you get disappointed by them, and the only way to help with this is to stop taking people on face value, get to know them before creating a personality for them, x


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  • Well, I think it's pretty clear that if the guy cancels or does not put any effort into this relationship he is not into you, but you make it seem like or hoping that he's not like that. You're only hurting yourself and you should just accept that not all guys are good and want what you want. There's no game playing.