If a guy uses a term "hang out" to a girl, does that men he only sees her as a buddy?

and not someone he's interested in dating?

a guy told me he'd try to find some time during the week if he was free so we could "hang out".

of course, he ended up being busy.

does "hang out" = just friends like buddies?

busy = I'm not interested even if I were a victoria secret model?


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What Guys Said 1

  • No it definitely does not mean just friends like buddies lol, I tell girls that I like that we should hang out all the time, that doesn't mean we will be chilling on friends-only terms; I'd try to flirt while we're hanging out. So yea, he probably says hang out because he can't think of a better word to use lol.

    Hope that helpsss


What Girls Said 1

  • no, guys say stuff in really casual ways...that's just how it is. even when they really really like girls they like to play it off like it's just "no big deal." don't overthink this stuff.